CO House

Location : Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta
Sector : Residential
Land Size : 162 sqm
Skills : Architecture, Interior
Status : Completed
Project Year : 2019
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CO House is a 4 bedroom family home with indoor-outdoor living zone and semi basement garaging for 2 cars. Responding to the owner brief, the design has a very enclosed façade with very minimal opening to the surrounding. In contrast to its façade, the architect has developed and open spaces interior and indoor garden, managing its connection to greeneries, water feature and plenty sun light access

In order to create privacy, the façade is designed nearly solid with very minimum openings, keeping the inner yard in seclusion. Around the back of the home, the architecture opens up, revealing sliding glass walls that enable the family to circulate indoors and outdoors without being seen from the street.

The closed off front facade is contrasted by the open plan inside the house. The double height in the second floor beside the inner garden creates a unique living garden space within that blurs the lines between indoors and out. Lined with removable glass walls, the grass of the lawn continues into the space below the ledge with a fish pond and small grass lawn, creating a surreal experience.

The simplicity in façade conveys the honesty of form in the design. The play in light design further display the boxy design do not always boring, yet its simplicity can be an architecture sculpture expression that unique and playful.


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